A Council of Quolls!

For the past few months, I  have been working on some new calico doll designs and I am happy to introduce to you a Council Of Quolls!
 Here is how they came about

After much much sketching and many trial and errors, I eventually created a pattern that I was happy with, one that resembled the shape of a quolls head.
Being a self-taught calico doll maker, it has always intrigued me how a gusset works and how it relates to the side templates of a pattern.
I looked at many bear patterns in the endeavour to discover the secret.
Only by making bear heads over and over again did I slowly discover how the gusset worked.

Paper pattern, gusset and side panels of the quoll head

Painting the doll was easy,  I made a very liquid mixture of a good quality black acrylic paint and flow medium.
I love seeing the personality come to life, a little red cotton and tiny stitches make a smile, a pink nose in satin stitch and black Mary Janes with red and white striped socks, are delicately painted.

My anphropomorphic animals may have a whimsical side to them but I also like to add touches of realisim, like paying particular attention to where the markings appear on the animal, such as the white patch under the muzzle.

Another detail I like to add to the dolls clothes is to leave the bottom the the skirts un-hemmed, I love the frayed edges, it gives them a bit of a pre-loved look.

My absolute favorite part, and some would say my trademark signature are the rosey red cheeks, I like to add them by  using my finger as a stamp!

Co-ordinated cardigans are knitted, this is one of the last steps, I never know what colour the doll will wear untill they look happy in their outfits. So no cardigans are knitted in advance!

But my favourite of all is, the very last step: The photo shoot!

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