Josephine Baker

You may have wondered why I have been so quiet of late, well I've been busy, very busy.
I was recently asked if I could make a Josephine Baker doll...WOW what an oppurtunity. Not only am I a big fan of Josephine, I just adore that era of music and fashion. If you don't know who Josephine Baker was, go google her, she was unique!
One can so easily over exagerate her, she was so expressive, but she is real and I wanted to honor her for her soul, her confidence and humor, not to mock her in any way.
I was fortunate to have a wondeful client, who was as passionate about Josephine and was looking for the same outcome.
I had the best time researching Josephine Baker, played videos, listening to her sing, her hair styles and costumes.
We decided on the iconic bananna skirt, her trade mark hairstyle, short and croped, slicked down curles

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Seated in a martini glass, Josephine had her final paint touch ups and her banana skirt was fitted in place. A long faux pearl necklace was made. Large gold hoop earings added and to add a bit of texture to the hair I used self leaveling gel and etched into the gel before it dried.
The body parts were then loosly sewn together, primed with 3 coats of gesso.
The original head was to oval and flats so I decided to snip it off and made a new, more spherical head that I re-attached.
Being careful to not over work the face was a bit of a challenge because I'm working with tiny brushes and and the slightest error of an unsteady hand could lead to wiping off ereas of wet paint or removing lines that I was happy with.
The banana skirt was made from air dried clay which I shaped individually and pierced each one with a very fine knitting needle. Each banana recieved a coat of gesso and 2 coats of gold paint. The glitter was painted on with gel medium.
Lastly she was sprayed with 3 coats of varnish and 4 vintage buttons attached to the joints at the shoulders and hips.