The Black Rabbits Of Rosebery

I know they are not native animals and I now the damage they do to the environment, but still I can't help myself from loving the rabbit! Blame it on my miss-spent youth watching Bugs Bunny!
There seems to be an abundant proliferation of black rabbits here in Rosebery. They are beautiful and not shy at all. I am inspired to make a small series of paintings based on the black rabbits inhabiting the Rosebery landscape.
Leaping Black Bunny has sold, Mount Black Bunny will be on sale soon in my etsy shop! They are mixed medium paintings. I layered coloured tissue paper on top of the gessoed canvas and then applied acrylic paint and water based oil pastels.

Mount Black Bunny, 2022 sold

Leaping Bunny, 2022 sold

The last stage of the painting is adding a layer of hot melted beeswax, that os smoothed out with an encaustic iron.

I had fun putting together the colour paletted for this painting, these colours are typical in this environment during winter.
I hope to experiment more using limited colour palettes for some bigger paintings and prints.

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